New plant in Southeast Asia

Last week successful negotiations took place in Moscow between the management of Westeros Sugar and a large Moscow company for joint participation in a tender for the construction of a new sugar plant in one of the countries of Southeast Asia.  The role of Westeros is to provide the project with technological competences, including development of technological scheme, selection and supply of the technological equipment, design and erection of the Automatic Control System of Technological Process, training of local employees and commissioning.

In early September the group of process engineers of Westeros Sugar together with Moscow partners is going to visit the construction site. 

Message from Westeros Sugar Team

Dear colleagues and partners!

Name of our company is unfamiliar to you yet, but if you work in sugar industry, you know our employees. They are process engineers, engineers and design engineers in sugar and other food industries. They have grown as professionals in sugar plants and design institutes.

Last eight years we all had worked in the foreign company, which is the leader in world sugar industry. But we had reached the moment, when we felt, that it was uncomfortable for us within the established framework. We cooperated, argued and won in disputes on equal terms with many foreign experts, not only on Russian market, but far beyond it.

We are grateful to the company in which we have worked for these past years. We have learned a lot from our foreign colleagues. And we are proud that we have managed to become an example for other subsidiaries of the company in the dynamics of development, conquering the market of equipment and engineering services.

We know all our partners and clients by their name. We studied and worked at the same places with many of them. We know their problems, expectations and requirements.

Most of our employees participated in designing, building, commissioning of greenfield sugar plants in Uzbekistan, Egypt, China, Iran. Also they modernized existing sugar factories in the USA, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and, of course, in Russia. We have rich experience of the formation of the largest and most competent engineering company in the sugar and food industry in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.

The surnames of our technologists, design engineers and senior managers are known not only in Russia, but also in the USA, Germany, China, Iran, Israel and CIS countries.

We know a lot about sugar. We can design and build sugar plant on a turnkey basis, we can modernize the plant completely or individual technological stations.

We work closely with our all foreign manufacturers of technological and other equipment. We know advantages and disadvantages of each machine. We can install them in the sugar or other food plants, perform erection and chef erection, commissioning, maintenance and repairing. 

We can develop drawings of almost any food production machines and manufacture them.

Contact us! As new engineering company, we are pleased to establish new and long-term partnership with food factories, equipment manufactories and design firms.

Nikolay Filatov       Nikolay Brazhnikov   Eugene Prokofiev

•             Konstantin Popov  Tatyana Lazareva       Nikolay Lisitsyn

•             Fedor Semenov      Konstantin Korovin   Julia Posledova and other 32 sugar production specialists

Westeros Sugar Team

Team of the engineering company OOO “Westeros”

Our team today consists of 44 specialists, including designers, engineers, process engineers, automated process control system engineers, electrical engineers and mechanics of sugar and other food production.

The core of the company is the Department of sugar and food processes engineers. Nikolay Filatov, Nikolay Brazhnikov, Eugene Prokofiev, Konstantin Popov, Julia Posledova, Christina Golova are those specialists, who know and implement in their projects the most modern technical solutions of the best world practice. In accordance with the projects of these specialists, today beet sugar is produced at the factories of North America, Egypt and Russia and raw sugar is processed at the factories of China and Uzbekistan.

Our Design Department is headed by the graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Eugene Degtyarev. His achievements include successful development of technological equipment for sugar factories and control of their production. The design department works in close collaboration with process engineers and engineers of the company. They successfully combine in their developments the theory of designing the machines, practice of their operation and production. The achievements of the team include developing of batch vacuum machines, sand catchers, straw catchers, radial-flow sedimentation tank, juice purification equipment, vertical crystallizers and other equipment.

Our Plant Design Department is Tatiana Lazareva, Zugum Gasanov, Artem Kuzmin, Andrey Chernikov. This is the department, where the unique detailed 3D factories models, PDF schemes, isometric and axonometric drawings of pipelines are made.

Our Civil Engineering & Construction Department is Nikolay Lisitsyn, Dmitry Kuzmin, Ilya Ravodin and etc. They are specialists, who have a lot of implemented projects, including sugar, yeast, oil-extracting and engineering factories. Their projects were implemented both in Central Russia and in areas with seismic activity of 9 points.

Automation Department is headed by Konstantin Korovin. Achievements of the specialists of the department include experience in programming, designing and development of electric diagrams and automation diagrams of production processes, assembly of control cabinets and installation of Automatic Control System of Technological Process systems at food factories. It is a successful combination of knowledge of engineering process control and production technology.