Westeros Sugar offers a wide range of services that meet different needs of our Clients & Investors, who are looking for

  • reliable partner for realization of their ideas
  • management of large holding or independent sugar plants that set their budget and production development strategy for the next years
  • chief engineers who need professional assistance of qualified specialists for adjusting the working mode of the equipment or the automated process control systems
  • International companies that want to find reliable localization partner in the Russian and CIS markets.

Regardless of the size of the idea or existing problems, Westeros Sugar will offer you individual and high-quality solution.

Everything begins with a personal consultation with Westeros Sugar working group, consisting of key specialists in sugar technology, design, automation, who will help you to specify the tasks and to draw up a plan of action to execute your project.

If you need to determine the efficiency of the existing production or to identify its problems, Westeros Sugar engineers will conduct an audit and give a final report. Based on the results of the kick-off meeting we will determine your goals (development of a scenario (or alternative scenarios) for improving efficiency, assessing the scale of investments for purchasing of production, drawing up a short-term action plan for setting up the work of technological/ heat balance diagram and etc.) and show the ways to achieve them in the report.

Our specialists are always ready to visit production site in order to adjust equipment operating mode, a part of technological scheme or entire plant as a part of technological support of your production. 

Westeros Sugar engineers can also perform distance consulting of the plant according to a mutually agreed scheme of work with the factory personnel.

Engineering team of Westeros Sugar has valuable practical experience of commissioning of sugar factories and adjusting operating mode of technological scheme of factories around the world and can train staff of your plant. We will create a program, which will meet your needs. We will give not only theory in the form of workshops at the plant or distantly, but also practical training of operators at their workplace. The staff of Westeros Sugar including 5 specialists who have Ph. D. in Engineering has experience in creation and training both Basic and Advanced courses. Each program as well as the schedule and format of the training is individually complied and agreed in accordance with your request and needs.

After the end of the campaign Westeros Sugar engineers can assist the staff in the preservation of the plant and in the defect identification of equipment preparing the action plan for the necessary repairs for the next campaign. 

Within broader projects such as reconstruction, modernization, construction of greenfield sugar factories, Westeros Sugar can offer complex project management services. As part of the EPCM contract, Westeros Sugar working group will be choosing equipment for purchasing, analyzing it for compliance with the specified parameters needed to be achieved, technical and commercial comparison of equipment options, monitoring delivery time, create overall project realization schedule etc.

Westeros Sugar also provides services for installation of technological and non-standard equipment. The installation team has many years of experience in sugar field and will perform work of any level with the support of Westeros Sugar specialists.