Technological audit service

Westeros Sugar offers technical and technological audit services for sugar plants.

Our specialists have experience of comprehensive audit of many sugar factories in Russia and far beyond it, including the USA, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan.

Comprehensive audit includes:

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of flow chart of the factory
  • Evaluation of technical condition of technological equipment, its efficiency, applicability of its further use
  • Analysis of production documentation and identification of critical points of the production
  • Analysis of main production indicators of the factory, including sugar losses, consumption of energy and production materials
  • Analysis of the automation systems
  • General description of the existing production process
  • Development of scenarios for improving the efficiency of the production process to the required parameters according to the customer’s order

Technology consulting

Westeros Sugar offers technological support services for sugar plants. Our specialists – process engineers and automation process control engineers can help you to set up technological modes of processing sugar beet and raw cane sugar, to set up the operation of technological station and to adjust the operation of technological equipment.

We can help you to identify the critical areas of the production process, to determine the places and causes of the losses of raw materials, products, energy resources and production materials and to give recommendations for improving the process.

Our specialists know in detail the structure and operation of the technological equipment of sugar plants including machines and apparatus of foreign manufacturers and can help you.

We can help you with commissioning and start-up of sugar plant in the first days of beet sugar or raw sugar campaign and we can train the stuff of the plant how to operate technological stations.