Westeros Sugar offers project management services for the construction of new plants and modernization of existing sugar plants.

Many years of experience of our specialists show that the functionality and experience of technical  team of  sugar plants is not always sufficient for large-scale reconstruction of the plant, especially connected with the implementation of a new technological diagram and the installation of new technological equipment.

Our specialists have experience in managing large reconstructions of existing sugar plants and constructions of new ones both in Russia and abroad.

All work performed by our specialists and contractors represented by certified engineering, installation and construction organizations, is carried out at high professional level and meets existing requirements and rules.

Our advantage is that it is enough for the customer to send us technical requirements and then we will do all the necessary. We will offer various solutions, choose and produce the equipment, assemble it into a single set, perform commissioning and personnel training. 

Our company has many years of experience in our sphere and we know advantages and disadvantages of equipment from various manufacturers.  This knowledge allows us to choose the most optimal variant of equipment.

Instead of communication with several contractors, client will communicate with one person, who bears full responsibility for the implementation of the project.

As part of project management services, we offer:


  • Collection of initial data and client requirements
    • Identification of intermediate and final project performance target figures
    • Subdivision of the boundaries of responsibility by stations between project participants
    • Subdivision of responsibilities by type of work
    • Development of the project implementation schedule
    • Development of a project budget
    • Development of a mechanism for working with suppliers and contractors
    • Development of a reporting mechanism on implementation of the project 
    • Assistance to the client in organizing collection of technical specifications and approval documentation


  • Preparation of initial data for development of design and estimate documentation
  • Support of development of design and estimate documentation and monitoring of compliance of design and estimate documentation with the approved initial data and target figures
  • Preparation of design assignment and contracts with project organizations
  • Control of work schedules of design and estimate documentation
  • Control of engineering expertise and obtaining a positive opinion
  • Receiving, digitalization and systematization of design and estimate documentation


  • Selection of equipment according to the approved design and estimate documentation
    • Development of technical specification for ordering equipment and materials
    • Comparative analysis of commercial offers for supply of equipment and materials from various manufacturers
    • Preliminary tendering process and negotiations with equipment suppliers, collecting information about contractors
    • Development of equipment supply and services contract
    • Development of a schedule for supply of the equipment and material to the production site
    • Control of receiving, integration, shipment, movement of equipment and materials in accordance with minimization of customs costs, storage and placement on the production site, reclamation work.


  • Selection of contractors and assessment of their qualification, availability of permits and licenses, availability of Certificate of self-regulating company for engineering works, verification of contractor’s reliability, verification of availability of necessary tools and equipment
    • Carrying out the incoming control of building materials, structures, products, equipment and other products required for construction and erection works
    • Quality control of construction and erection works and commissioning, control of compliance with the technological process of construction, operational control
    • Control of production and as-built documentation
    • Control of compliance of volumes and terms of work with contractual terms and calendar schedule


Daily, weekly and monthly reporting based on the following documents:

  • Procurement report (tenders and supply schedules)
    • Recourse schedule, including plan and actual analysis of the implementation of calendar and resource plan
    • Construction report
    • Photo report, for purposes of clear representation of the actual performance of work, completion of work
    • General project report (Dashboard)
    • General report (Onepage)
    • Minutes of meetings
    • Financial report
    • Other reports by agreement with Client