Description and operation:

Vertical crystallizer is designed for crystallization by cooling the C-massecuite.


Key features:

  • High effect of crystallization
  • Movable cooling system that prevents cake formation on the cooling elements due to massecuite crystallization and ensures efficient heat exchange between massecuite and refrigerating medium
  • Design and customization capability of vertical crystallizer provide cooling of the massecuite with high viscosity
  • Conical design of the crystallizer bottom provides the absence of the dead space
  • Possibility of supply of ready-assembled crystallizer body sections
  • Possibility of manufacturing the cooling system from carbon or stainless steel
  • Two independent loops of the cooling system
  • Variable placement of the hydraulic station
  • Locations and the number of hatches, passages and branch pipes are individually designed for each individual order

Technical characteristics:

  • Effective storage, m3
  • Height of the cylindrical part, mm
  • Outside diameter, mm
  • Heat exchange surface min, m2
  • Heat exchange surface max, m2